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We, at SRS Packers and Movers intensely comprehend the demand for business expansion and thus, offer our talented packing and moving services. We understand that packing and moving is not less than a troublesome exercise that makes you sweated. Keeping in view your pains and hardships of relocations, we have come up with some useful tips to make your move incredible and memorable experience.

1. Pre-Move Planning: One of the most difficult tasks for moving to a new destination is packing and moving old things. Before starting your packing, it is essential to do pre-move planning and make a list of unnecessary items and useful items, which is essential for you while planning for move.

2. Organize Your Household Items: Different items require different packing treatment. It is advised to keep the items of the same nature in one place to avoid any type of loss during the packing process.

3. Load as Per Your Requisites: You must be clear about the layout of your new premises. Then, it is better to follow perfect order for distinctive items while packing and moving. For Instance, there are the items, which you would desire to unpack first and to be loaded in the vehicle last Like Religious Items.

4. Proper Labeling of Your Boxes: You should properly label each and every utility thing to avoid the confusion and stress at your new place. It will help you to easily get the things of your need immediately rather than spoiling all the boxes.

5. Make a Box for Easily Accessible Items: There are certain items like knives, scissors, bulbs and flashlights, medicines, batteries, etc, which should be handy at your new place. You should make one small box of these items and keep it with you while on move.

6. Keep Your Valuables With You: Your valuable items like jewelry, cash, passbook, credit cards, and debit card along with you. Moving companies don’t take responsibility for the loss of these items.

7. Check Out for Storage Option: It might happen that your new house is not ready yet or you are looking for some adequate space for rent but you are getting the smaller one. At this situation, you can opt for home storage to keep your possessions in a safe and secure space so that in meantime you can freely search for the best premises.

8. Go through Damage and Loss Policy: It is one of the important tasks to go through the damage and risk coverage policy of the packers and movers you have hired.

You can also take suggestions from the moving company about packing materials and other aspects of packing and organizing.

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